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Hi! I am Jon Moller, an undergraduate at Miami University (OH). Welcome to my home page! It covers my hobbies, my other work online, my computing, my Palm devices, biochemistry, molecular biology, and, of course, my Poqet and DOS. It has been active for approximately 7 years now, since September or October of 2006. It is under ongoing construction. It is a work in progress.

Right now the "About Me" and "What's New" pages are not comprehensive, but soon they will be.

For news about learning Unix, go to my blog at

I have been working on it, the blog, for some time, but after exams at my high school I sort of got behind on it. UPDATE: This is kaput as of 2008.

As of 12/21/06, I will begin adding stuff to my website. I will be getting Fujitsu's Poqet PC Plus soon and plan to start a mailing list for it, as Bryan Mason's one at (see link below) doesn't work and Sven Utcke's one doesn't seem to either. It might cover many small subnotebooks and palmtops, but for now I will stick to the Poqets. Also, I plan to have a new review on the Fujitsu Poqet PC Plus, as there are currently only two online, one by Al Wong and another by a ham radio operator. Check for updates on my news.html page.

(12/28/06) - You can visit the new list page now. Click here. I will also have my DOS downloads page up soon. I have been working on the Poqet PC article on Wikipedia, so try the link down below. I can't wait to get my palmtop in a few days! I am looking forward to using it for writing, programming, and, most of all, tinkering. I can't wait to use DEBUG and test out different assembly programs and writing useful little hacks on it. My Poqet page will cover my new experiences with the Poqet. It will probably be ready by mid-January, 2007. Also, my website is finally starting to grow. I do not have many images, in fact only two, so I am currently occupied with that. I am thinking of perhaps using clip art or something if I can. I may even make something of my own for use as clip art. Anyway, everything is well here so far.

6/23/08: I'll be adding some biochemistry and Palm stuff soon. Also, check out the "Facts About Me!" page and the RCSB Protein Data Bank link at the bottom of this page!

3/4/2012: My new book will soon be available through Amazon/CreateSpace. Stay tuned for more information.

The "About Me" page now exists, along with the Poqet and DOS downloads pages. They are all not very long or concise, though. Again, more will come in the future :) .

Greetings from Cincinnati:


The Tao of Worms

My new blog.

The Sundaram Lab

The C. elegans developmental genetics lab where I worked - part of the Department of Genetics of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.


The RCSB Protein Data Bank - a gold mine of protein macromolecular structures!

The NetBSD Project

This is the site of my favorite OS :)

SDF Public Access Unix

Good old SDF.

My Blog: Computing With Unix Note: Defunct as of 2008!

The Poqet PC Home Page

The first ever one-pound (!) IBM PC/XT-compatible.

Poqet PC - Wikipedia

Basic stuff on the Poqet PC. I have expanded some of it. Before it was much smaller.

Walnut Hills High School

The website for my Cincinnati, Ohio high school.

Miami University

The university I currently attend.

Penn: The University of Pennsylvania

The university I formerly attended - I was a member of the Penn '15 club.

The Official Website of the Cincinnati Reds

Website of the original major league baseball team, 1990 World Champion, and 2010 NL Central Champion Cincinnati Reds!


A great blog about Cincinnati's urban core.


An online forum on (you guessed it) urban areas in the state of Ohio. Great pictures here too.

The Crowder Lab at Miami University

The website of the biochemistry lab at Miami University where I work over the summer. Dr. Crowder is amazing!

Email me!

Call me on SDF VoIP ( at x2156 with a SIP client of your choice. I also often participate on OpenVoIP, which is held from 0200-0300 UTC nightly on x1088 and streamed over aNONradio.

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Emory University PhD '21

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